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L.L. Kessner incorporates experiences with landscapes, mythology and science into poetic and often psychological  paintings, drawings and videos. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Kessner maintained a studio in downtown Los Angeles and taught at several institutions in the area from 2009-2018. For a year and a half, Kessner then traveled throughout the United States. The decision to temporarily relinquish home and studio and operate nomadically opened new dimensions in her consideration of location and history, isolation and intimacy. In the fall of 2019, Kessner began teaching at College of the Redwoods in Eureka, CA and settled in Humboldt County, where she now explores a new and different symbolic environment among the trees. Continuing her work at College of the Redwoods, she began teaching at Cal Poly Humboldt, in Arcata, CA in 2021. Kessner earned her MFA from ArtCenter College of Design, and completed bachelor’s degrees in Visual Art and in a comparative philosophy program called Fundamentals: Issues and Texts at The University of Chicago.

L L Kessner

photo by Jen Rosenstein 

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