Symmetry Breaking

Go Where No

Macro/ MicroWaves: You Are Here

Spooky Action at a Distance

Come On

Come On, 2008

Come On

digital video loop

Local Group


The Thing and the Beast

On the Wide Plain

Divided Line

Winter Crop

Skies Past


Getting Away From Us   

Temper Tantrums are Orange   

Away for Safe Keeping   

Away For Safe Keeping is a collection of  ten monuments in California's Mojave National Preserve.  The monuments are childhood relics with extreme sentimental significance for the artist, which were carefully positioned and left, away for safe keeping, in the saftey of the desert.  Eighteen snapshots exist as avatars of the monuments.


Unfixed Wish   

Thinking Things 

Lindsay Lacewell Kessner

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    Clearance 5

    Dye on wool, cotton and rayon, plastic, paper 41 in. x 36 in. 2009